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Levi's Curve ID

Getting measured can be a scary thing!

A very scary thing!
Something you'd prefer not to know!

Well, we got measured....
 by the lovely staff at the Levi's store on the Meir!
 Why, you wonder?
To help us finding our perfect jeans fit!

The best thing a girl can ever do!

Jeans shopping can be so daunting, time consuming, intimidating...  
That is where Levi's steps in!
They have developed diffrent jeans styles, all adapted to the various women's curves!

Having the perfect wash, the back pockets in the right place for the ones who need a little lift, a bit of stretch,the perfect waist ,....
Levi's will do anything to get you looking smoking in your jeans!

Having identified your curve-id, shopping for jeans has become a breeze!
They instantly know what's best for you!

Those flair dark wash jeans are flying with a straight curve into my summer wardrobe!!

Get measured!!
Don't be afraid! 
You'll get a scary good looking butt and legs in your Levi's Curve ID!

TO SHOP: Levi's Curve ID

Hat off

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