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Bare Foot

Nike wants you to go bare!
Barefoot that is!
Barefoot running!!! ( before you get any ideas!)

They warned us beforehand  that running almost barefoot is nothing compared to running with a more 'solid' shoe.
It workes all you muscles from the tip of your toes, your training is much more intense, and you are less likely to get injuries... only good can come from running barefoot!

Les petites pestes are always up for a challenge!
 Nike bring it on!!
Work all our muscles, tone our legs and feet, make us stronger!!
How could a shoe do all that!?

Anything that will improve our fitness,....we're  in!

And daaaamn!! We're we impressed!
Next day, muscle pain all over!
From the most basic exercises... how is even this possible!?

Love the feeling of feeling it work!!

Elodie Ouedraogo

Svetlana Bolshakova

Run bare and free!
Nike free!!

Ask Valet!

love the shoe