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Cake That!!

My friend Chloe had been counting down the days for the opening of this little sweet shop!!
I even suspect her for passing there every day just in the hope that it would open shop!
I even think she might have installed a small little camera that registered every move inside the store....
She might even have camped outside,or....
I don't know how she did it  but one the first day of the opening, of course, she was there!!

And I love her for it!
And for the fact that she bought me one and brought it to this very ill petite pestes!!
Nothing beats a dafalgan or two and a cupcake or ten to kick some the microbe ass!!

It worked like a charm!!
The Red Velvet army!
Of course, just to make sure that all the microbes were out of the system, so I just had to go and get some more...

Some Honey Apple/ Lavender/Apple Cardemon/ Banana Smooth/ Cappucino,....

As they say: 'A cupcake a day keeps the doctor away!'
They know this to! With daily specials!
You  just have to pay Momade a visit everyday for your sugar level check up!


eat a cupcake!
Momade Cupcakes 
Reyndersstaat 37, 2000 Antwerp
open daily from 09:00 till 18:30


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