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to bake - red velvet cheesecake

oke oke,
everybody relax....no need to start panicking
This looks like a very long recipe, very complicated, completely out of your cooking league.
But don't be put off!
Sometimes we bake cakes that are completely over the top, crazy, huge,impressive,...
 We call them 'our everest'
Its a bit of an ego booster! Just to know that, yes we can bake this!!
And everybody loved it! And damn we are good bakers!
But we have to admit...
We left out the cheesecake part.

Due to
1. not enough time ( we bake cakes when we feel like it ( an hour before our dinner company arrives), and forget to read the entire recipe through, and then stumble upon baking times ect ect,woeps... )
2. With the holiday season that was coming up, we thought a 'light' version might be more responsible.
So we made the red velvet cake, everything in one round pan.( no time for two, it just took longer to bake)
Divided the cake in two, let it cool, and then use a whole lot of cream cheese frosting to imitate the cheesecake.
Assembled it, and frosted it.
Then we went crazy with some green and red edible sparkles for a Christmas feel!
Everybody was amazed!
And the cake tasted INCREDIBLE!!!!
Best Red Velvet Recipe EVER!!!!
It will change your life!
We conquered our Everest!
Now Kilimanjaroooooooo

Tuesday Tune - KELE

Kate Bosworth