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Max' Babsie Burger

I just love love love love love burgers!
And that doesn't even come close!

So every year for my birthday i have a little thing called babsie burgers!
To pass on all my love for burgers over to my friends, and get them burgerized, or hooked on burgers.

And when I travel it is only more than normal to try all the burgers that come my way!
While in a supermarket in sweden, we saw the best looking burger buns, we just couldn't resist!

And we weren't disappointed!

It was then I decided to read all the ingredients, and to my great surprise, no sugar but maple syrup ect ect... that got me even more intrigued.
Flipt the package over again and saw the MAX Burger Logo, the burger joint we have passed quite a few times along the road.

We couldn't leave Sweden without eating the real deal!
And that is where I found out even more amazing things about those Max Burgers.

Their are made by locale produce, some are without gluten, some with a low G.I, one made with chickpeas ,and all of them feature the CO2 emission needed for making the burger!
And all of this eco friendly!!

if Sweden is to far, feast your eyes on their website

To eat: www.max.se

While talking burgers,
Mc Donalds can learn a thing our two from Max Burger.
Check out this experiment/ art installation,
and shiver with the thought that you ate this!!

check out the Happy Meal Project.


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