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j'aime mon carré...

Got my first carré for my last birthday!!!
A real classic one 'tour des clés' in shades of blue...
just love love love it...
I'm definitly ready to start my very own 'carré collection'!
Will travel with them, take them, wear them,  just everywhere all day long!
Just another fantastic item to brighten up that winter wardrobe!
And with those knotting cards, to show us how to knot it, tie it, wrap it... 
for me that is just, fuuuuuun on a rainy days, 
not need to justify why not coming out my home all the day...


Go find more out on Hermès very special website dedicated to the carré
to show us their hip-ness & not just thinking about granny's style...
here some of their video's

Saturday Night

gold stam