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Viet Nam

Love the colours in Vietnam!
The police have the most fashionable uniforms ever!
well, at least for this season!

They captured it perfectly in the French Vogue Issue!

Hahahah that flight postition, had a lot of flight time to try it out! But I didn't get to it!
Watched The Blind Side, and topped it of with a no-brainer movie Mamma Mia!
The perfect flight movies!
Should have tried that position tough, i'm sure my slightly bigger than average neighbor would have looved it!
 Get the safety exits seats! Loads of foot space!

Heheeee Steph, wait untill I post the picture of my feet! 
You will not believe in what they were standing!

Soooo freaky you posted that picture! And I took one exactly like that while eating!
Thinking the same, at the same time, in a totally different place!!

Aaaaahhh ... one brain... one brain!

Stephie Stewart! Fly safe!!


Babsies feet!