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Beetroot Burgers

Do we dare??
Ooow ooooww oooowww a salty recipe!!!

I knooow i knoww,

The last week we had our head in the clouds!!
Still have to post about our shopping/photoshoot day in Antwerp, last weeks finds, a sunday morning picture ( but it's the holidays , so everyday is a sunday morning, heheee!) ect ect!

Soooo I will start with this!
A Beetroot burger!!
Love beetroots ( in my juice or with feta cheese) LOVE LOVE LOVE burgers (with everything!)
So when steph came over to dinner I had to give this recipe a try! And steph eats everything, is up for anything and is always positive, she was the perfect testing bunny!

ok, i know, these look very red and very chemical, as you know I'm always attracted to food with crazy colors, but they are incredibly healthy and delicious!!!

Put the burger into one of the English Muffins ( posted the recipe earlier English Muffins)
with some avocado,aspargus...hmmmmm!!!!

next up: the dessert I made!

Give it a try!
It's something new, something borrowed and something red!

Cupcake Monster with my head in the cake!

feeeeeel good pic!