James Turell/The Wolfsburg project

James Turell...

born in Los Angeles in 1943, today considered as  one of the most important 
contemporary artists!
The primary medium of the artist is definitly light, probably the best-known artist in this field!

The American artist created the largest walk-in light  installation ever in a museum.
An 11 metre high structure 'space within a space' wich covers a floor area of 700 metres
and reaches up the wolfburgs museum's glass roof!


It's a hollow construction diveded into two interconnecting chambers.
The viewing & sensing space, both entirely empty.
What is so new and definitly worth it,is that it is slowly flooded with changing colored light!
i liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike!!!!

The exhibition to explore from 24.10.2009 till 05.04.2010

source: designboom.com