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Very Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Buttercream

Milly Vanilli  Expecially for Stephie!
( special request!)

Made a lot of chocolate cupcakes till now, never ever thought about making plain vanilla ones!
my point and thought exaclty, vanilla = plain!
Chocolate =creamy, sugary, makes my mouth tingle, willy wonka chocolate factory kinda feeling!
HHHhhhmmm chocolateeeeeee

So I searched for a not so plain vanilla cupcake recipe.
Honestly I was intreged by the colour of the frosting at first, then I read VERY VANILLA.
Well if the cupcake wasn't going to contain any form of chocolate it better contain 'very' of something!

And... as any of my baking experiments turned out...
anything but plain!
Can't take all the credit, my cooking is still not that great,
guess I owe soy milk, almonds and vanilla a big thanks

A perfect way to lift a plain day!

Robin Standefer & Stephen Alesch

Sasha Pivovarova