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Nivea Girls Night

This week our friend Chloe treated us to a Nivea Girls Night!!
We covered everything from foundation to smokey eyes!
Although I have to say, the best part was taking it all of and uncover the make-up less faces...

And because no girls night is complete without some extremely sugary dessert,
we opened all our delicious magazines, tastespotted all day long, and finally find the one!
A cake, sooo perfect!
We obsessed about it for two days! It was our only conversation topic, or only dream topic!
It was decided! We were gonna make it!
An Almond Praline Layered Cake!

Our Everest!
It broke my blender, steph shoe got eaten,we made a mess and several little fires...
Most elaborate recipe we ever tried!
For next time, we are warned! All our bases will be covered!
( remember to take a picture in advance, buy ready made almond praline,....)

Kroepoek Schoebidoeee!!!

recipe coming up, or get your hands on Delicious magazine January Issue

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