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I always love the adds of Tom Ford!
This time he put Nicloas Hoult in them.
Don't think the name will ring a bell, but picture him with a ugly hat, weird backpack singing 'shake you're ass watch you're step' in the school's hallway...
Get the visuaul?
Yes he's the dorky weirdo in 'About a boy'

That movie still inspires me from time to time!
It introduced me to a whole new day planning concept!
I will let Will ( played by Hugh Grant) explain...
'I find the key is to think of a day as units of time, each unit consisting of no more than thirty minutes. Full hours can be a little bit intimidating and most activities take about half an hour. Taking a bath: one unit, watching countdown: one unit, web-based research: two units, exercising: three units, having my hair carefully disheveled: four units. It's amazing how the day fills up, and I often wonder, to be absolutely honest, if I'd ever have time for a job; how do people cram them in? '

system tested and approved!
happy reading xo

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